Working with Michael brought my book up to a whole new level and is one of the smartest business choices I've ever made. He's got a preternatural ability to understand what you want to say, but to do it better and faster than you can imagine. My manuscript went from "not bad, a bit quirky with good stories" to "marketable, readable, inviting and easy-to-follow." If you don't have the skill, time, or imagination to pull off a book or article on your own, then hire him and get on with your life. He's the best.

Katie Karlovitz, Business Coach/Public Speaking Strategist/Author
On Speaking Terms

Michael has created four very engaging videos and authored an excellent feature article for our educational company, ArchForKids | architecture for children. The introductory video, which explains who we are and what we do in less than two minutes, is a very useful marketing tool that's highlighted on the ArchForKids homepage. His article on how we use the design process in an educational setting will be featured soon on Noodle, a website that helps parents and students make better decisions about learning. Michael is an inspired and gifted content creator. He understands our needs and works intelligently and quickly. I recommend his services wholeheartedly!

Kathryn Slocum, Managing Director

Michael edited a short essay for me a day after meeting him. His turn-around time was great, mark-ups were efficient, and comments provided helped me to turn my short essay into piece of work that I am proud of. I definitely recommend Michael as an editor and will be sure to use his services in the future.

David V. Wilson, Experienced Financial Trainer | Product Manager

You can call me a Michael Bettencourt fan! I have worked with him, read his plays, collaborated with him on projects, and been his classmate. As a writer, Michael is not only remarkably prolific, he is gifted, skillful, and masterful. As a thinker, he is sharp, catholic, and egalitarian. As a doer, he is indomitable. If this sounds hyperbolic, I assure you it is not. Michael is capable, smart, kind, and reliable, and truly one of the finest men I know. If good guys finish last, you can be sure that you will find him bringing up the rear.

Cie Peterson, Director/Writer/Voiceover Artist/Acting Coach

I have admired Michael's work and work ethic for many years. In addition to being a talented playwright and writer, he is able to work at a high level in many different areas. The website he created for me was completed quickly and fulfilled my needs. He also created very good-looking videos for the theatre company he co-founded. All of Michael's work is of high quality and he works quickly with a minimum of complication. What I find very impressive about Michael is that he is able to teach himself new programs and applications when the need arises, so his skills are varied, versatile and up-to-date.

Debra Vogel, Independent Performer and Board Liaison at Ford Foundation