Serving the Narrators of the World

about editor-in-chief.biz

All human communication is, at heart, the communication of a story. Editor-in-Chief.biz provides the impartial, intelligent, empathetic guidance all narrators need to tell stories with clarity, conviction, and charm. I work in three specific areas.

  • Manuscripts—I will edit and critique manuscripts of any length and genre (memos to memoirs), from a simple proofread to more complex conversations about form, meaning, and execution.
  • PowerPoint—I am an expert PowerPoint animator, and I can help you blend your talking points and slides into a lively and engaging narrative.
  • Education—I offer writing workshops and publications.

editorial services

  • Plain-Vanilla—I correct spelling, structure, punctuation, and other basic technical errors. I also note any discrepancies in style, possible factual errors and other issues that need your attention, and suggest rewordings forclarity and brevity.
  • Substantive—A more extensive process, I work on improving clarity and flow (e.g., eliminate wordiness, replace passive constructions, and so on), moving sentences and paragraphs around if needed.
  • Critique—Sometimes a writer needs an impartial set of eyes to review what's been produced. I can read through your manuscript and prepare a detailed critique.
  • Ghost-Writing—My process for ghost-writing is simple: through conversations, research, notes, outlines, and any other information-hunting we do together, I put myself as much as possible into being who you are and writing from that sensibility.


Editing and critiquing are done for free—you only pay me if you find that what I have provided has value to you, and you pay me an amount that you determine. Ghostwriting is based on an individualized project contract

getting started

If you have a project you'd like to work on, contact me (see the information in the footer), and we’ll get started on our collaboration.